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Solaris x86 The Solaris operating system can now be obtained free. If you want Sun compatibility without the expense of buying a Sun workstation, Solaris x86 is the way to go.
Blastwave Blastwave is a collective effort to create a set of binary packages of free software, that can be automatically installed to a Solaris computer (sparc or x86 based) over the network. The packages are all built into standard Solaris pkgadd format, a simple tool "pkg-get" takes care of the download, install and dependency checking.
Sunfreeware Precompiled binaries for Solaris in pkgadd format.
A professional quality UNIX-compatible operating system based on Berkeley 4.4 BSD. FreeBSD
HP-UX software Software Porting And Archive Centre for HP-UX.
A free port of the X11 Window system. XFree86
Apache The Apache web server.
NEdit A full featured text editor available as source code and precompiled binaries for most UNIX platforms.
GVim Improved version of the vi editor.
Textpad Shareware text editor for Win32.
JDK Sun's Java Development Kit, available for Solaris (Sparc and Intel) and Win32.
Mozilla and
The open-source Mozilla web client and related Firefox browser are available on most variants of UNIX.
Acrobat reader Adobe portable document format reader.
RealAudio player Streaming audio player available on most variants of UNIX.
LLNL XDir Intuitive graphical FTP client for UNIX.
gFTP A free open-source multithreaded file transfer client for *NIX based machines.
Filezilla Open-source graphical FTP client for Windows.
The GIMP The GNU Image Manipulation Program is comparable with the best professional image tools available, open-source, free, and available on Windows as well as Unix.
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