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Template System 10-Jun-2004 67383 bytes Java source code + library Updated 10-June-2004; General code clean-up; Eliminated unnecessary Log4J dependency; Tested against Webmacro 2.0b1, Velocity 1.4 and Struts 1.1.
Template System 40695 bytes Java source code + library TemplateSystem provides an adapter between your own servlet application and Velocity, WebMacro, or whatever template system you choose to use in your application - but without introducing any direct dependencies. It also allows seamless integration with Struts enabling you to escape the evils of JSP and custom tag-libraries.
(See The Problems with JSP and You make the descision.)
Updated 23/6/2003 now includes WebMacroTemplateAdaptor as well as VelocityTemplateAdaptor.
jresources_1-0 27781 bytes Java library JResources allows you to customise your Java application using a plain text file. Text, colours, fonts - in fact almost any attribute of a Component subclass - can be quickly and easily changed without the need for recompilation. The file format is somewhat more powerful than that used by java.util.Properties. You can specify groups of objects using wildcards, along similar lines to the XResources files used by applications running under the X Window System.
tape_1-9 8994 bytes ksh script Frustrated by difficulties encountered when moving tapes between different UNIX machines, "tape" began life as a short script that specified the block size and tape device depending on host name.

It has evolved into a set of commands wrapped around the underlying UNIX "mt", "dd" and "tar" commands intended to make tape control easier.

find_dup_files 6147 bytes Perl 5 script Find all duplicate files in a directory hierarchy so you can clean up and save some disk space.
env_1-7 15640 bytes Makefiles and ksh scripts The Ingenotech development environment.
bookmarkmenu_1-7 26413 bytes Java applet Source code to the "Bookmark Menu" program used elsewhere on this site. for Solaris x86 88424 bytes Shared library Solaris x86 version of the library which enables communcations between Apache 1.3 and Tomcat 3.2.3.

Download help

Archives on this page with the extension ".tgz" contain multiple files rolled into one using "tar" and then compressed using "gzip". This is a common format used on UNIX systems.

Some browsers have trouble knowing what to do with an unrecognised file extension, and simply display the binary as garbage on the screen. If this happens to you, try right-clicking on the link and select the "Save Link As..." or "Save Target As..." menu option.

To extract the archive on a Windows system I suggest you use Winzip which does recognise this file format and will extract it correctly.

On a UNIX system use the following command:-

$ gzip -dcf filename.tgz | tar xvf -
If your system does not have gzip installed, you can fetch source code and binaries from most public ftp sites, or failing that, the GNU home site which is
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