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Educational Programs

Simple Maths Test your Number-Bonds, Addition, Subtraction and Multiplication skills
Graph Plot graphs of mathematical functions
Times Tables Multiplication table help

Java Programs

Lava Lamp Notifier Indicate Hudson continuous-build status using a USB Lava Lamp.
Nokia .ncc - .vcf (vCard) converter Phone Contacts List converter
When my old Nokia 6210 phone was stolen, I found that Nokia don't make it easy to restore your old contacts list from a PC to the new phone. The old and newer PCSuite programs are very incompatible. This program converts entries from a PhoneBook.ncc file to the standard vCard.vcf format, so you can load them in to your new phone.
Source code
Sudoku Solver Sudoku Puzzle Solver Source code
FlashCards Flash cards to assist with teaching reading the English language Source code
World Clock Display the time in the selected time zone Source code
ShareScrape Extract stock quotes from financial websites
DBQuery Query Postgres, Oracle or Informix databases

These programs require Java to be installed on your system.

Recommended third-party applications

JDraw A nice, easy-to-use pixel-oriented graphics editor    Launch latest version for Java 1.4+
ArgoUML UML modelling tool

JNLP Tests

Webstart Console JNLP Console / Application Manager
HelloJNLP JNLP test program

Code Samples Adding suite-level setUp and tearDown methods to an existing Junit TestCase

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